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09 Aug


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Google+ Will Be 2nd Largest

August 9, 2011 | By | No Comments

Last month I predicted that Google+ would win over Facebook, eventually. A bold prediction I agree and it will take a lot more time to see if I’m right. A new survey by YouGov and Bloomberg says that Google+ is on target to be 2nd largest social networking site. According to Michael Nardis, Head of YouGov investment Products,

“Google+ is starting off extremely strong.  It’s chipping away at engagement levels on Facebook and Twitter.  With Google reporting 25 million accounts already and an estimated 16MM more US adults reporting that they plan to join over the coming year, Google+ can be a threat to both.”

Some of the stats from the survey all point to the 2nd place target.

  • 13% of adult internet users in the US have signed up for a Google+ account
  • Another 9% planning to sign up in the next 12 months
  • 45% of users report reading content once a day or more
  • 46% of users report creating content

The demographics of Google+ users are quite different also. More single, older, college educated men are on Google+.

  • 3 men for every 2 women (vs. 1 man for every 1.2 women on Facebook)
  • 43% of membership is 18-29 (vs. 31% for Facebook)
  • 59% has a college degree (vs. 37% for Facebook)
  • 48% are single (vs. 33% of Facebook users)

So although I predicted Google+ would “win”, is being on target to be 2nd largest make me half right?

If you’d like an invitation to Google+ I still have some left. Send me a request at and I’ll send you one!

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