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27 Jun



Employment Sites Going Social with Facebook Apps

June 27, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Like most businesses during these tough economic times, job placement and employment related websites like have suffered loses and sought new channels for business growth. Monster which saw net sales drop 11% between January 2008 and December 2010 decided that a Facebook Application could be their savior.

BeKnown, which went live on Facebook today (available in 19 different languages), allows users to set up professional networks (kept separate from connections among friends and family) and import their (Monster) data into Facebook. Users can either create a new profile or import their profile on  People on BeKnown can endorse one another like LinkedIn’s “Recommendations” and receive badges like FourSquare’s users do when they accomplish certain professional goals.

“BeKnown is another extension of our commitment to meet the evolving needs of job seekers and employers by adding professional networking to their online recruitment, job search, and career management toolkit.” –Sal Iannuzzi, Chairman, President and CEO of Monster Worldwide

It will be interesting to see how Monster users respond to the launch of BeKnown.  I think people may be reluctant to use this service because they like the ability to separate their private lives on Facebook and their professional activity on LinkedIn.  According to Darko Dejanovic, EVP & Chief Information Officer at Monster, “BeKnown answers the need and challenge in the marketplace for people to build their professional networks on Facebook while keeping personal and work-related contacts and content completely separate.” Do people want all of this personal information on one site?

Facebook users have already had major problems keeping their personal lives from affecting their professional lives and I don’t see things changing that quickly. The Monster and BranchOut Facebook Applications look great but they are still miles behind LinkedIn (over 100 million members), which right now is the premier social network for business professionals.  BeKnown has the ability to tap a larger audience but all it takes is a few updates or changes by LinkedIn to completely shut the door on this space.

I will be watching Monster and BranchOut to see if they can change how people use social networks to find jobs or discover possible hires.  What do you think about BeKnown?  Will it sway LinkedIn members to use Facebook to look for jobs and find employees?


  1. I agree…I don’t think people will feel comfortable connecting their work credentials to their facebook page – there is just a psychological disconnect.

  2. Marla Hughes

    I disagree completely.
    LinkedIn is THE social network for business professionals but you don’t see convenience store clerks, warehouse workers, et al with a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn’s value is in building professional relationships through networking, either for professionals looking for better employment or businesses investigating new opportunities. (et al) is used to look for a job. LinkedIn is used to build a career.
    I don’t think the new app will be successful because 1) we DO want to keep personal and business at least a little separate. Not just for us, but because who wants to know EVERYTHING about EVERY business connection they have? I simply don’t care if my local bakery owner’s 2nd shift clerk’s daughter won the potato sack race and I’m sure they don’t care that my goldfish had babies last week (though they really ARE cute little buggers). I know says it’s a separate app and everything will be kept in it’s proper boxes, but if it’s like BranchedOut, things bleed through, even with the best intentions. 2). I think everyone’s beginning to realize that having one site for everything puts everything in that one site’s control as well as making it more difficult for the user to keep business with business and personal with personal.

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