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08 Oct


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Dig Deep with Social Media Monitoring

October 8, 2010 | By | No Comments

You understand that customers are talking about your brand on social sites. But even if your company has an established social media monitoring program, that may not be enough. There’s more to the web than sites like YouTube and Facebook, and if you’re not wearing your listening ears you may be missing out on conversation that starts elsewhere. Are you tapping into the voices on these sites?

Traditional media outlets

The New York Times. USA Today. When your brand, employees, products, or initiatives are covered by a big media outlet, chances are you’ll find out as fast as someone can tweet it to you. But what if the coverage happens in a smaller market? Perhaps a tiny station in rural PA posts a consumer advocacy story regarding one of your unhappy customers. Unless you’re listening to the entire web, you may not hear about it until it has gained momentum, morphing into a PR crisis with a life of its own.

Customer complaint sites

“Hell hath no fury like a paying customer scorned.” It’s the opening line of a Forbes article detailing the best corporate customer complaint sites—and it’s a sentiment that any firm can identify with. And while some customers are quite content to voice their displeasure on a corporate Facebook page, others will click onto one of the many consumer complaint websites.

Some companies have their own hate site, such as, which targets American Express. Chances are if you’ve garnered that kind of attention you already know about it. But are you tapped into the other, more general consumer venting sites, like Ripoff Report or

Dig past the social networks

Protect your brand by investing in an online listening team that digs past the tweets, likes, and blogs to assemble a comprehensive picture of your company’s online presence. The team at Social Strategy1 offers the online listening experience and tools that will help you make the decisions that mitigate risk, increase profitability, and boost awareness. Let us show you how deeply we can dig; contact Social Strategy1 today.

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