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09 Feb


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Brands May Not Be Buzz Ready, Says Study

February 9, 2011 | By | No Comments

Are brands ready for the buzz? Maybe not. An article in eMarketer recently highlighted an InformationWeek Analytics survey of North American business technology professionals. Check out these key findings about social media monitoring and online customer engagement:

Social Media Monitoring:

  • 40% of respondents had no idea how their company monitored conversations on social networks.
  • 56% said they monitored with search alerts, like Google.
  • 16% utilized an outside social media monitoring vendor.
  • 15% used specialty applications to monitor online conversations.

Online Customer Engagement:

  • 43% of companies had no formal response process for dealing with online comments.
  • 21% reported they had a formal process for responding to complaints posted to ecommerce sites.
  • 14% had a formal process for handling Facebook and MySpace complaints.
  • 12% had a formal process for complaints on Twitter.


  • The search alerts that many companies rely on to monitor buzz leave significant dead spots in the intelligence picture. A total monitoring platform, one that listens across the entire web, gives firms the consumer, competitive, and industry insight needed to create relationships, boost profits, and make informed strategic decisions.
  • Companies that have no formal complaint process for social network users may be giving away their business and revenue to companies that do. Social media users expect real-time and consistent communication with brands.
  • Many business tech pros reported they have no idea how their company monitors buzz. Does this suggest that social media strategy is still considered a tool for customer service or marketing rather than a tool to be integrated across an entire organization, informing all primary business functions?

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