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18 Jan


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Beyond Marketing—3 More Ways to Use Social Media

January 18, 2011 | By | No Comments

Social media is more than a marketing tool—it can be integrated throughout an organization to help achieve a number of company objectives. Check out these 3 ways to use social media tools for more than marketing:

  1. Recruit new talent – Job seekers have re-invented old-school networking by utilizing tweets, blogs, etc. to expand their searches as well as their visibility. Attract talent by posting job openings on social media sites and adding HR resources to corporate profiles and pages.
  2. Mobilize the masses – Your corporate stewardship programs are an important part of who you are as a brand, so use social media to advance the causes close to the company’s heart. Whether it’s the HR staff’s annual march against cancer or a campaign to provide musical instruments for the local middle school, mobilize supporters and generate publicity for the cause by taking it to Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms.
  3. Perform competitive intelligence – Social media monitoring allows you to tap into the conversations consumers and others are having about the competition’s products, customer service, corporate culture, etc. The intelligence is real-time, which gives your decision-makers the power to react to emerging and evolving situations.

Build your brand by extending social media strategy beyond marketing. Learn more about incorporating social media monitoring and other social initiatives into your corporate strategy by contacting Social Strategy1.

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