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2 Ways to Avoid Foursquare Flubs

June 1, 2011 | By | No Comments

With new media platforms, businesses often find themselves operating on a trial-and-error basis. But Mashable’s Lauren Drell recently shared the Top 5 Foursquare Mistakes Committed by Small Businesses. Here are two ways to avoid location-based campaign flubs:

Train staff. Imagine the frustration of a customer who tries to redeem a Foursquare special only to be met with a confused or blank look from an employee. Lauren recommends ensuring all team members are aware of the Foursquare offer and the internal processes for redeeming it. In fact, Foursquare provides an employee flyer you can print to build campaign awareness among staff.

Let folks know you “Foursquare.” Customers might not check-in if they don’t know you have a location-based offer, Lauren writes. Once you create a special, the social network provides window clings to help advertise that you’re a participating merchant. Display them in store fronts and other prominent spots to attract Foursquare-using consumers.

Lauren shares this advice from a Foursquare perspective, but it’s not hard to see how valuable the acts of training staff and building awareness are for other social media endeavors, whether it’s launching a Twitter account or creating a branded YouTube channel. Let the team—and the world—know what you’re up to!


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