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16 Jun


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Want Blog Readers? Stir the Pot.

June 16, 2011 | By | One Comment

Want blog readers? Of course, you do. On HubSpot Blog, Magdalena Georgieva shares her recipe for attracting 400 blog comments. You’ll need to check out her piece to learn about 2 of her steps, but there is one step that caught my eye: stir the pot of controversy.

Now many of us who use social media (including myself at times) sometimes hesitate before posting something that might offend or put off others. But Magdalena makes a pretty good case for the well-considered pot stir. As an example, she uses marketer, swimming pool company owner, and HubSpot customer Marcus Sheridan. After attending Blog World New York, he blogged about the event: “I simply cannot hold my tongue on an event that, in many ways, is perfectly symbolic of why the concept of blogging still gets so little respect throughout the world today.” The result? 400 comments and who-knows-how-many views.

Does that mean you need to become the industry instigator? No. But it does suggest that if you have a genuine, honest, but, perhaps, unpopular statement to make, don’t necessarily shy away from sharing it on a blog. It could be the spark you need to attract readers and begin engaging, thoughtful discussions.

What do you think of using the blog platform to give the pot a little stir?


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