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Social Strategy1 announces social intelligence platform for restaurants

June 6, 2014 | By | No Comments


Maximizing Restaurant Customer Experience with Social Media Data

Dennis Stoutenburgh, President and Co-Founder of Social Strategy1, announced the release of White Box Social during, “You’re Next Curve Jump: Connecting Sales, Social & Strategy” at this year’s Summer Brand Camp in Dallas, Texas, June 3-5th.

Summer Brand Camp is a three-day conference for national restaurant industry leadership. SBC workshops, sessions and social events allow industry experts to cover new skills and insights in today’s increasingly social and mobile consumer culture.

Speakers in over 30 different sessions went in-depth about building relationships, customer culture, delivering positive brand experiences, increasing awareness, using and measuring social data, and shared tips on viral, social and authentic marketing.

Stoutenburgh was joined by Wally Doolin, Chairman of TDn2K, Bob Rycroft, Executive Director of Finance & Strategy at TDn2K, and Kathleen Wood, Founder & Chief Catalyst of Suzy’s Swirl to discuss the importance of connecting social not just to sales, but to customer service and operational intelligence.

Stoutenburgh elaborated on the functionality and benefits of social listening, and used this opportunity to introduce Social Strategy1’s product offering White Box Social Intelligence.

White Box Social Intelligence - Social Intelligence for Restaurants

White Box Social is the restaurant industry’s first ever location-based social media listening platform that combines engagement and measurement tools with operational, sales and competitive data analysis.

White Box Social provides real-time feedback and alerts, and analyzes and tracks social mentions related to food, service, ambiance and intent to return. Integrated with Black Box Intelligence, this platform delivers a unique comparison of market and national competitors, multiple segments and overall ranking against the industry.

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