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Got Innovation? Try Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

January 7, 2011 | By | No Comments


Innovation is the engine of enterprise. Now your brand can leverage the power of social media, through social media monitoring and engagement, to foster the creativity that will nourish your business and take it to the head of the competitive pack.

Use Social Media Monitoring to Find Problems

Social Strategy1 Co-Founder Dennis Stoutenburgh calls social media monitoring the on-demand focus group. A comprehensive social media monitoring platform—one that listens across the web instead of just the primary social networks—will pinpoint the aspects of your product that customers really dislike. These observations give teams a starting point from which to innovate by improving a current product or launching a completely re-envisioned offering.

Use Social Networks to Crowdsource

The best ideas might not come from innovative staff members—they may come from customers. Your crowd knows exactly what the ideal product looks, feels, and smells like. Use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Ning to solicit ideas. Well-written surveys or polls will identify the wants and needs that nurture innovation. If it’s appropriate in your market, use incentives to encourage participation. It might be a gift certificate awarded to a random submission or an exclusive prize for an idea you decide to implement.

Utilize Social Media to Encourage Internal Collaboration

Many businesses focus on using social networks to tap into the voice of the customer. But they’re also an ideal way to encourage internal collaboration. Spark team creativity by creating a company community where staff can play with the ideas that will take the brand forward. For example, consider an internal product development blog to solicit feedback from others in the company, including those not in the product development department.

Social Media Tools Foster Innovation

Social media has the tools you need to innovate your way to the head of the pack. How does your firm use social media monitoring or online customer engagement to innovate? Share your thoughts with the Get a Jenny team at Social Strategy1.

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