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Elements of Social Media Monitoring That Deliver Results

March 20, 2013 | By | No Comments

Perhaps one of the biggest responsibilities and challenges in social monitoring comes from delivering accurate information as it relates to context and origin. Given the frequency and nature upon which users are generating this information, it’s becoming more critical to receive this information as it breaks and report it in understandable and measurable layouts.

3 Stand Out Ways Social Media Monitoring Delivers Results

1. Monitor All Digital Media – Don’t just stick to the most prominent platforms for data. It’s quite an advantage to have access to an expansive audience; therefore it’s critical to utilize all of the channels available to help formulate more accurate answers. Incorporating digital media from the entirety of the web enables you to see if specific content and conversations are resonating with more audiences than they originally anticipated. Being present in many communities also prompts opportunities to interact with audiences that may not know you’re listening, thus proving an open-minded communication strategy.

2. Trained Analysts – Having trained analysts sift through data relevent to your industry and brand is an unmatched advantage from a judgment and predictability standpoint. From product development insights, customer sentiment insights to competitor strategy insights about products and industries, trained analysts are more highly equipped to derive intel in a more contextual capacity. Providing you with a more precise gauge of the data you intend to monitor.

3. Segmented Monitoring Social media monitoring technology has evolved into an illustrative tool with deeper intelligence that clients are increasingly utilizing to plan and predict the future of their business. With the sophistication of these evolved services, clients have the versatility to employ multiple listening campaigns and hone in on specific channels or keywords that provoke their interest. Segmented monitoring also allows you to measure the micro vs the macro of your overall strategies for example the impact of individual marketing campaigns, communication strategies or recruiting events and how each affects overall sales.

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