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23 Feb 2011
by Amy |  Social Strategy1 on Social Media Monitoring  | No Comments 

Not getting executive buy-in for a brand social media strategy? Show them the numbers—not just any numbers either (such as the number of people using Facebook or how many people tweet each day.) Instead, use metrics specific to your business, according to Engage! author Brian Solis in an interview by Andrew Gori of BroadVision.

Brian said:

“The thing that consultants and internal champions need to realize is the executive might not be as into social media as they are, and that’s ok. Your job is not to talk about the need for Facebook or Twitter. Your job is to figure out the need for your business to be on Facebook or Twitter, and the impact it will have on the bottom line. Connecting those dots changes the game, and that happens when you stop reading Mashable and start looking at click paths and running analytic reports, and other things that are unique to your business and don’t exist in blog posts or books.”

Now we love the good folks at Mashable, but Brian’s point is well stated. For those who believe that building an engaging social media presence is the path to building profit, then it’s simply not enough to forward the boss a few social network articles with a note that reads “we really need to get into this stuff.”

In addition to gathering brand-specific intelligence, what other tips can you recommend to internal social media advocates to get the C-suite on board with a social media strategy?

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