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12 May


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Yarn Co. Knits Connections Thru Social Media

May 12, 2011 | By | No Comments

The words “knit” and “crochet” often conjure images of homemade sweaters or the doilies that seemed to breed in grandma’s house. But knit and crochet projects have been updated to reflect modern tastes…and so has the marketing used to connect with crafters. Lion Brand Yarn Company, which got its start in 1878, is a leader in using media to connect with the crafty set.

On Social Media Explorer, Ilana Rabinowitz, VP of Marketing for Lion Brand, shares When Marketing Becomes Media, Millions Follow. She details the company’s considerable foray into social media—and it all started with a single question: “What kind of content could we offer that would be interesting, inspiring and entertaining enough to attract the people we were looking for?”

Here’s a look at just three of the ways they answered that question:

Lion Brand Notebook: The corporate blog introduces the Lion Brand team to their target audience as well as hosts virtual events, featuring thousands of customers working on the same project over several weeks. The blog earns 50,000 visitors every month.

YouTube: Ilana writes that Lion Brand uses an inexpensive video camera to interview designers and help customers improve their crafting skills. About 80 videos have been produced in-house and generated more than 2 million views.

Pattern reviews: Crafters have the opportunity to review and rate the free patterns Lion Brand shares on their site. I can personally testify to how useful this feature is: I’ve used these reviews countless times to do everything from discover a new color combination to find out which baby blanket I could crochet in less than a week.

I had intended to finish this entry with the statement: Not bad for a 133-year-old company that sells yarn. But that’s not quite right. They don’t sell yarn—at least not in my experience. Instead, they provide a community where crafters find answers, support, inspiration, and resources. Lion Brand offers a place where the crafty can do what they love…and do it better.

That’s social.

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