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24 Jan


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Writing as an Engagement Stumbling Block?

January 24, 2011 | By | No Comments

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In “The Myth of the Perfect Writing Environment,” new media marketing expert Chris Brogan writes about people who talk about writing but never seem to get around to it—often blaming the environment. (Maybe you know someone like that—they claim they can only write when they have the proper music, the moon is full, and the roses are in bud.) According to Brogan, the answer is as straightforward as it comes: “Write. Get writing. Stop making excuses, and don’t look back.”

From Tweets to blogs, writing is a key component of social media. Yet writing is exactly what stops some personnel from participating in a brand’s social media initiatives—whether it’s lack of the “perfect writing environment” or any number of other reasons.

But as communication via social networks becomes increasingly critical to building a brand, how has fear of writing for the online masses affected the way some staff engage customers, vendors, or others online?

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