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08 Feb


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Who will be named The World Champion of Social Networking of 2011?

February 8, 2011 | By | No Comments

Facebook or Google Buzz?

It was only 5 years ago when Rohit Bhargava coined the term Social Media Optimization (SMO) in 2006. Since then Facebook has grown from 12 million users to 600 million in 2010. Of those 600 million, 250 million alone joined in 2010. At some point the exponential growth in new membership will slow down but at what speed will usage continue to grow? Already there are 20 million Facebook apps installed each day. In what new ways will we be using Facebook? New features, advertising programs, games, who knows what Mark Zuckerberg and the FB team will offer.

Facebook currently owns the title for Display Advertising Champion controlling 17% compared to Google’s 6%.  And although most of their advertising revenue is based on targeted ads, we’ll see how their new advertising offering, Sponsored Stories does in adding even more cash flow. For years it was speculated if Facebook would ever become profitable and it managed to do so in 2009, one year ahead of schedule. This kind of data explains why many businesses are creating pages even though they haven’t figured out exactly how to integrate with their own business objectives.

Years ago the speculation of SMO killing SEO went around the blogosphere. If it will is no longer speculation, it is only a matter of when. As businesses learn how to use the unique environment that Facebook has created to best market and profit from the platform, SEO will become less and less important. SMO is the new mystery that once was Google’s page ranking algorithm. WordPress has made us all web developers. Will Facebook replace the need for WordPress one day?

It’s hard to imagine any social networking platform becoming competition for Facebook, even the internet giant Google.

Not only will the title of World Champion of Social Networking go to Facebook, it will kill SEO.

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