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31 May


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Why Should We “Like” You?

May 31, 2011 | By | No Comments

How many companies ask you to Like or find them on Facebook in a given week? It turns out that for Social Strategist Andrew Blakeley it was 46. How many of them might tell you why? That’s what Andrew wondered and decided to Like every brand that asked him to in a week as an experiment. The goal of the experiment was to see if or how many of those brands gave a reason to Like them or if they’re just doing it as a given.

Not surprisingly, of the 46 brands that he Liked, only 10 gave a reason why. It seems that although most brands/companies have created Facebook pages and are spreading the logos to have them found or liked, many haven’t figured out the most important element. For all us consumers it’s simple, what’s in it for me?

A couple of brands did answer that question. Dingo, a dog food brand from Ohio, offered a promotion that would only kick-in when their page reached 5,000 Likes. And in it for you would be an opportunity to win a bike, helmet and messenger bag with bag retailer Timbuk2.

So, while many companies are doing great things with their pages and trying to engage their audience, they should also focus on an actual reason to give the consumer that extra nudge. How many pages would you end up with at the end of the week? Would you dare to conduct the same experiment and see how many gave you a good reason to Like?

You can read more about Andrew’s experiment on the Brian Solis blog.

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