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07 Apr


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Why Can’t Old and New Media Just Get Along?

April 7, 2011 | By | No Comments

German Chancellor Angela Merkel caused a ruckus last week when she bypassed the traditional press release to announce an upcoming U.S. trip. Her press secretary, Steffen Seibert, made the announcement instead from his Twitter account.

Sam Stein reports that at a press conference that occurred shortly after the Tweet, journalists spent 20 minutes grilling Seibert with questions regarding the announcement. Some wanted to know why it wasn’t announced via a faxed press release. Others wanted to know if the government was changing the way it communicated.

It’s a reminder that despite hundreds of millions of users, social media is still not a critical source of information for many in the world. There’s no reason old and new media should be locked in an epic Old-Testament-type battle. Instead they should support each other as well as the goals of the company or organization.

What’s your experience with the relationship of old and new media within an organization? Have you seen examples of the two playing nicely together? Do you have examples of them not playing nicely?

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