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25 Apr


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Which Facebook Page is the Most Engaging?

April 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

Recently a study done by Visibli revealed how much activity a Facebook post received after time in addition to how long the status got any traction. They focused their analysis on Facebook pages that had over 100,000 Likes and tracked the number of Likes and Comments each post received over time.

To determine the level of engagement habits they compared number of Fans to responses on status posts. You’d think that a big celebrity “Facebooker” would be number one on the level of engagement right? Wrong. The most engaged page turns out to be Audi. For each post on Audi’s Page, they received over 225 Likes per 100k fans. Second to Audi is Justin Bieber with 180 Likes per 100k fans each time he posted.

Most valuable to marketers, the study reveals is that Facebook posts live longer than a tweet. A Facebook post buzzes for a day versus a tweet that gets 96.9% of replies within the first hour, according to Sysomos. Also helpful to know is that on average, Facebook posts receive 50% of their Likes within the first hour and 20 minutes, 80% within the first 7 hours and 95% within the first 22 hours.

Will this study change your social media marketing strategy? How will you use this data to better engage with your audience?

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