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10 Aug


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Where’s that Blasted Waldo? – How to Search the Social Media Haystack

August 10, 2010 | By | No Comments

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Where’s that blasted Waldo? – How to search the social media haystack

Do you remember Waldo? He was the elusive star of an illustrated series of children’s books that became popular in the 1980’s. Kids the world over spent hours poring over drawings featuring microscopically-drawn chaotic scenes in search of a man dressed like an elf sporting a candy cane inspired wardrobe.

While most of us aren’t looking for Waldo anymore, you may find yourself charged with finding and building relationships through social media. It can be overwhelming—after all, according to research by Pew, nearly three-quarters of teens and young adults use social network sites. So how do you find the users you need to connect with? Here are three of the online places where your customers might be hanging out:

  • Customer review sites – If you’ve ever shopped on a site like then you’ve likely read—and perhaps even heeded—online reviews. Some of the most popular review sites include Yelp, Google Maps, and Yahoo Local. Reviews on these and other sites provide virtual word-of-mouth advertising that’s hard to beat with even the slickest conventional ad campaign. And, as SocialMediaToday blogger Julie Weishaar notes, you may not be able to control what consumers are saying about your products, but you should be tracking the conversation so you can react.
  • Blogs – Sites like Blogster and Blogger allow consumers to easily create and share information with any size audience they choose, whether it’s a small circle of close pals or the entire world wide web. The king of user-generated platforms, the blog is where consumers feel free to do anything from rant and rave to dish and diss.
  • Social network sites– In the U.S., sites like Facebook and MySpace are at the top of the virtual heap, but there’s a variety of other sites as well. For example, CafeMom is a popular women’s network, generating more than 6.5 million unique visitors every month. In addition, if you have a global audience, it’s important to check in with international social networks. For instance, Friendster, which has lost much of its popularity in the U.S., continues to have a large following abroad.

You can find online customers more easily than you found Waldo. Partner with a social media monitoring firm that has the tools and expertise to find your perfect customer in that sea of online chaos. Find your Waldo by contacting Social Strategy1 today.

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