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07 Mar


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Where Is the Love?

March 7, 2011 | By | No Comments

Worse yet, where is the hate? All over the digital place.

Dinner-table rants about a bad experience at the store can now so quickly end up on YouTube. You can easily Tweet-bash a company or a customer service rep. Or if you are one of the millions of bloggers, write up a nice review of the “clearance prices” at your local furniture store. It is so easy to voice your opinion about anything with a simple mouse-click. The big problem about that is for every bad experience someone has somewhere in the business world, there are so many untold stories of great experiences.

Are you waiting for your customer’s to share their experiences, good and bad via any means out there? Or should you instead give them an easy way to share their voice and have opinions about your brand in one place?  If you’ve decided on the latter, here the top 5 Web Apps from an article on the American Express OPEN Forum:

  1. UserVoice – This app creates a simple forum in which users submit ideas or suggestions and then others can vote or leave feedback. Cost: free to $289/month and up.
  2. Get Satisfaction – This site is a user support community in which users themselves can create the page for a company or brand, if it isn’t already in the system.  Cost: free to $289/month and up.
  3. Feedbackify – This is a website widget that lets the business ask specific questions and get feedback in categories that you can customize. Cost: one plan for $19/month.
  4. SuggestionBox – As the name says it, this is for suggestions and ideas that customers can give. Similar to Get Satisfaction, users can make a page for a company. Cost: $49.50/month and up.
  5. Kampyle – This is also a feedback widget that allows a company to ask specific questions and also features analytic tools. Cost: from free to $499/month.

For the complete list, screen shots, and more details on each app read the entire article 9 Web Apps for Gathering Customer Feedback.

Consider this when creating your brand reputation strategy or looking for ways to improve your services. Whether you choose one of these tools or not, customers will share the love and/or hate in some way.

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