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26 Jan


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When the Going Gets Tough in Social Media

January 26, 2011 | By | No Comments

Special Guest Blog  from Social Strategy1 Co-Founder, Dennis Stoutenburgh.

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I continue to be amazed by the legs of the recent tweet from Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones Drew.  As I’m sure most of you know, the Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, was removed from the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears game with an apparent knee injury.  He remained on the sideline without crutches which led to speculation about the severity of his injury and his toughness.

Maurice Jones Drew while watching the game and having previously predicted to his 90k+ followers that the Bears would win fired off this tweet “Hey I think the Urban Meyer Rule is effect right now — when the going gets tough — Quit”.  The backlash was immediate and severe as angry Bear fans and players, broadcasters and Cutler fans responded to the apparent questioning of the toughness of the player.  Some made threats, wished harm and taunted Jones Drew through social media outlets.  Jones Drew subsequently tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube so to speak by claiming that he was joking to his Florida Gator friends and meant no disrespect to Jay Cutler.

I will never for sure know the true intent of his tweet, but this much I do know, Jones-Drew will never again underestimate the power of social media and its incredible reach.  I thought this story would have died by now but the viral nature of social media has kept what five years ago may have been a harmless conversation alive.  This medium will continue to grow and it is up to all of us who use it to harness its tremendous power for its highest and best use.

How do you think this type of social media backlash will affect businesses? Who will profit? What can we learn from this?

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