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11 Apr


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What’s the Best Day to Post on Facebook?

April 11, 2011 | By | No Comments

Do your Facebook posts have the right ingredients to connect with fans? You know you need the right message—but are you posting on the right days? Using the right words? Posting the right length? BizReport summarized a recent analysis from social media firm Buddy Media. The company examined 200 brand clients from major verticals to learn about the qualities that make a post shine. Here are a few tidbits:

Postings on Thursdays and Fridays generated the highest engagement. Generally, Facebook posts on these days triggered 18% more engagement, although there was some variation in specific industries. For example, car brands saw their highest engagement levels on Sundays.

Action words work. Suggestions to consumers that use the words “take,” “submit,” and “watch” worked well with fans, but words like “shop,” “buy,” and “order” were not as effective, perhaps because customers viewed them as too pushy.

Concise posts create more engagement. Posts with 80 characters or less created 27% more engagement than longer messages.

That last stat regarding post length reminded me of something I read on Ignite’s blog a while back. Megan Carriker reported that engagement rates on Skittles Facebook Page were particularly high for random goofy posts, such as “If a hibernating bear has a nightmare, does he just deal with it for months?” Over 22,000 chose to like it.

In your experience, what other qualities make a Facebook Page post rock?

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