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14 Jul


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What’s in a Name? Google+ Estimates, Apparently

July 14, 2011 | By | No Comments

10 million users. founder and FamilyLink Chief Revenue Officer Paul Allen estimates that’s the number of people who have used Google+. His methodology, which is not surprising considering his expertise, involves analyzing the surnames of users against the U.S. Census Bureau’s surname popularity data. You can read about his methodology for the social network stats here.

On Marketing Pilgrim, Frank Reed  writes about Paul’s use of the Google+ research to potentially generate interest for his business. Frank continues that business pros, having learned from other social media platforms like Facebook, will “try to turn this new fast growing platform [Google+] into a marketing machine before it’s a social machine.”  

Have you used Google+ yet? How quickly do you think businesses will turn it into a “marketing machine”?

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