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07 Nov


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What You Need to Know About Facebook EdgeRank For Business

November 7, 2011 | By | No Comments

In order to successfully use Facebook for business purposes, you need to understand a few things about the platform, and its recent changes. Not every photo, story or link your friends share shows up in your News Feed. This applies to fan pages as well. Not every post you make will show up in your fans’ News Feeds. Facebook attributes different levels of importance to posts based on a system called “EdgeRank.”

If you want your fans to see more of your posts, you’ll need to engage in a little News Feed Optimization to increase your EdgeRank. Facebook’s changes have made EdgeRank more focused, which adds pressure to your Facebook Pages to truly create engaging content to expand their reach. Impressions will likely go down, but engagement will increase with more targeted and relevant content.

Every post made, whether it’s a link, photo, video or status update, is called an “Object.” Simply creating an object gives you an “Edge.” Any time a user interacts with your Object, it gets another Edge. This includes actions such as clicking on a photo, “Liking,” tagging and the holy grail of Edges, commenting. The more Edges your posts receive, the more successful using Facebook for business will prove.

The EdgeRank system takes several factors into account when determining visibility. Here are the main three, as outlined by TechCrunch:

  • Affinity. The more you interact with a particular friend’s Objects, the higher your affinity rating for that friend will be. Your News Feed shows posts from friends you’ve displayed a high affinity for. However, affinity doesn’t work both ways. Just clicking repeatedly on a friend’s Objects won’t increase your visibility in their News Feed. They have to return your attention.
  • Weight. Some Edges are weightier than others. “Liking” something isn’t as weighty as commenting. Commenting is perhaps the most valuable Edge you can get when using Facebook for business visibility. This is because friends and fans are actually engaging with your Object.
  • Time. Older Objects and Edges hold less importance than fresh ones. You want to post often to optimize Facebook for business use, but not so much that you inundate and alienate fans.

Pay attention to Objects that generate long comment strains among users. Frequently, these comment strains will be discussions about a recent news topic. If you’re going to generate debate, be careful. There are mixed reviews on sharing strong opinions in social media.  You could alienate some of your target demographic or you could increase discussion and stem brand awareness.  If you don’t want to take that risk, try posting trivia questions or asking for opinions to involve users. Posting photos is also a great way to generate Edge. For example, Coca-Cola has posted more than 13,000 pictures.

While you can’t control your Edge indefinitely, you can increase your odds of being seen by learning what generates more user interest on your News Feed. This can make using Facebook for business more rewarding and productive.

Ilona Olayan is Social Strategy1’s Vice President of Marketing, you can connect with Ilona on Twitter via @eyelona.



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