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18 Jun


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What Is Your “Uh-Oh” Online Strategy?

June 18, 2010 | By | No Comments

What Is Your “Uh-Oh” Online Strategy?

There is an urban definition to the phrase “Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O”, that I will leave it to you to research but it could have some significance on the latest recall of 15,000,000 pounds of the popular “SpaghettiOs” canned products due to under-processing. I do not think it will totally destroy the brand but it will put doubt in consumer’s minds when they pass it in the grocery aisles. It will cast some shadow of concern with other products under the Campbell Soup Brand.

So accidents happen and will continue to happen but companies have to implement a proactive approach to damage control and information dissemination.

So the approach Campbell Soup Brand has currently is the norm, give the Establishment Number “EST 4k” and a “Use By” date between “June 2010 and December 2011” manufactured between “2008 and June 2010”? Uh-Oh! That literally opens up a lot of speculation in my mind. Good to know that it was discovered through a routine but is that like a random drug test? Gulp!

There is also a (866)495-3774 Campbell’s Hotline and a number to the company’s Director of Corporate Communications, really? Good luck with that!

Companies today have to anticipate and implement a Social Media plan to deal with this type of issue, not just when something like this happens but as an ongoing strategy. Look at the latest online buzz and trending today to understand how fast this moves. I can assure you that it will move much faster than a toll free line interactions. Online is “TOLL FREE” and not controlled by the company.

Here are a couple of ways situations like this can be addressed in Social Media Channels.

  • The fastest and most effective method of communication is online, know where your industry, brand and competition conversations are happening through social media monitoring.
  • Implement ways to listen and engage this audience on an ongoing basis just not in crisis mode.
  • Have a strategy and crisis team ready to address incidents fueled by knowing where to place information online and the channels of distribution.
  • Leverage Twitter, YouTube and other Social Media Channels to educate, distribute and mitigate the brushfire mentality ASAP.
  • Integrate into your website and all channels of marketing, sales and support.
  • Be prepared to listen and learn from the good, bad and indifferent response to regain trust and subsequent communication with your audience.

Again, accidents happen but in this online age we are firmly implanted in having a plan to know your online presence, using the intelligence to reach out to this audience during the good and bad times will further extend their trust, loyalty and advocacy.

Beanie Weenie are you listening?

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