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10 Nov


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What Does Your Data Really Say About Your Brand?

November 10, 2011 | By | No Comments

Do you know what your customers and stakeholders think about your brand? Do you know the status of your brand’s online reputation? For many executives and business owners, the answer is probably “yes”. But sometimes, customer opinions and brand discussions may surprise you. Does your data stack up to your expectations? Online data analysis can help you find out.

Is that story really tracking?

Finding a negative story about your brand can be worrisome – too often, negative press can spread and have an adverse impact on brand opinion. But online data analysis can also show you the real conversation. Data analysis may reveal that you have brand defenders, or that a negative article is considered trivial or unreliable by your customers. Further, analysis can help you uncover the brand stories that really are tracking online. When our customer, an auto manufacturer, expressed concerns about a negative article about their brand integrity, our data analysis revealed that the negative article’s online reach paled in comparison to positive brand news that hit at the same time.

What’s at the heart of the issue?

Online data analysis can reveal underlying trends that are at the heart of an issue for your brand. Let’s say your brand has a reputation problem, with a string of negative reviews and negative social media commentary. Online data analysis can reveal the common threads: perhaps it’s a particular person or a business practice that causes heartache for your customers. Once you can pinpoint the common problems, you can make the changes necessary to improve customer experience and brand opinion.

What do your customers really love?

Your product or service probably offers a number of features and benefits that your customers really respond to. But sometimes, it’s the unexpected things that make your brand special in the eyes of the customer. Online data analysis may be able to highlight areas of opportunity for your brand: things that your customers appreciate that you can better incorporate into your business practice or brand image.

What do people really think about you?’s Jeff Bezos offers this definition for a brand: “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” In today’s world, this kind of opinion about your brand can be found in many places online, from forums to blogs to social media. Through data analysis, you can learn what people say about you “when you’re not in the room” and determine whether that aligns with the image you want to portray.

Do you know what your data really says about your brand? To find out, contact us for additional information, or to schedule a demo, call 877-SS1-DEMO.

Jennifer Muñoz is Director of Operations & Strategy Analyst with Social Strategy1. She contributes blog posts weekly and can be found on Twitter @getaJenny. Want additional strategy insights? Follow us on Twitter at @sstrategy1.

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