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12 Jul


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What Do You “Google-On-The-Go”?

July 12, 2011 | By | No Comments

A recent report released by Pew Internet Project tells that of the 83% US adults that have a cell phone, 42% of them are smartphones. Which means that 35% of adults own a smartphone. Also reported by Pew Internet is that 87% of smartphone users access the internet or email on their handheld.

This is great data for any business in the mobile space. This is also helpful for advertisers that can use smartphone usage behavior to better target or monetize on the handheld power.

So what does this mean as it pertains to search? What do we “Google-on-the-go”? Lauren Drell from Mashable tells us that although what we look for is not very different, it’s when we look, why we look and what we do soon after we look that is different comparing to our behavior on a PC.

  1. When We Look – Mobile search is higher in the evenings and on weekends when people are on their way to a restaurant, museum, or shops. PC search is higher during the day and weekdays which is when most of us are working and in front of a PC.
  2. Why We Look – When many of us do a search on a PC it may be as a time filler or just something to do between tasks. When searching on-the-go, there’s more sense of urgency for the result as it will probably help us get somewhere, find something we’re about to purchase or decide on where to eat. 
  3. What We Do After Looking – Because we’re searching on our mobile devices when we want to do something, 70% of task completion occurs within one hour, reports Mashable. If we were sitting at our PC, we may search for a restaurant to try on the weekend or in the future but on a mobile device, we’re probably hungry as we’re doing the search.

What do you Google on your smartphone and how long after that do you do something with that information?

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