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27 Jul


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Video Streaming Now 39% of Mobile Traffic

July 27, 2011 | By | One Comment

Video streaming makes up 39% of mobile traffic, according to a report from Allot Communications and shared by Kipp Bodnar at HubSpot Blog. What’s more, social media platform YouTube made up 22% of all mobile bandwidth in the first six months of this year.

They’re surprising numbers that provide a critical insight: video is becoming a social media strategy must-have. As effective as text content, like blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts, might be, it’s clear the mobile audience is latching onto video.

Whether you’re already streaming or will be adding video to the mix soon, Kipp has a great suggestion: preview the content on a smaller device to make sure it comes across well on the small screen.

Read more about how video will boost your social presence in this Social Strategy1 post.

Is video part of your social media strategy yet?


  1. Hi,thanks dude for the info, 39% of video streaming is of mobile traffic, its really increasing in high rate.Thanks alot. 🙂

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