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29 Jun


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Very Impactful Social Media Statistics from Socialnomics

June 29, 2011 | By | No Comments

“Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Sweden, Israel, Greece, Chile, North Korea and Australia.” – Erik Qualman

Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Last week our good friend Erik Qualman, Author of Socialnomics, released the 3rd installment of his Social Media Revolution YouTube video series. The videos highlight amazing statistics surrounding the world of social media and social networks.  If you have a boss or someone you know who doesn’t believe in social media, show them the videos and see if they still feel the same.

In July of 2009 Erik posted his first Social Media Revolution video to YouTube, it has been viewed nearly 3 million times.  The statistics in his first video changed so rapidly that Qualman released Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh), just 10 months after the first video was uploaded.  Socialnomics: SM Revolution 3, which was just uploaded last week (13 months after SMR part 2), is a great tool for anyone who is trying to make sense of the social media movement.  If you believe social media is a fad this video is perfect for you:

Erik is a great marketer, but his abilities as an educator (MBA Professor at the Hult International Business School) and thought leader make his message so powerful.  The statistics he shares are all useful and informative.  I had the incredible opportunity to meet and talk with Erik at last year’s Lift Summit. I highly recommend watching videos of Erik’s speeches or seeing him live; he UNDERSTANDS social media better than anyone I know.

What do you think of the videos?  Does anyone still believe social media is a fad after seeing those statistics?

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