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22 Nov


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Use Social Media to Transform Dirt into Dollars

November 22, 2010 | By | No Comments

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become the go-to place for unhappy customers to air their complaints, whether it’s a rant about poor customer service or a tirade that mocks a company officer. But those negative comments aren’t entirely a bad thing. In fact, you can use them as a starting point for creating a positive relationship with the customer—the kind that makes them more likely to continue to spend money with you. Read on for tips to turn those complaints into opportunities to boost revenue.

Look for patterns.

One complaint about a bad part could be an aberration. But if social media monitoring detects a string of complaints, you might have a problem. By examining what is triggering that customer dissatisfaction, your team has the opportunity to address the issues and improve the product or experience for every customer.

Use your manners.

Nothing sinks opportunity faster than using manners that are better suited for an episode of Jersey Shore. No matter how impolite the unsatisfied consumer might be, always communicate in a way that tells the customer (and anyone else who’s reading) they can count on your brand’s professionalism.

Acknowledge you might be wrong.

Being deeply invested in a brand sometimes blinds us to the faults our products have. Before you answer a comment, take a deep breath and consider whether the consumer might be right. Perhaps that packaging was simple enough for engineers to open but is a major-league hassle for the busy dad with a screaming toddler at his feet. Just like using manners, acknowledging an “oops” can go a long way toward building a more positive relationship with the unsatisfied customer.

Get help when you need it.

Turning negative comments into positive ROI on social media is challenging—especially when you’re developing products, implementing marketing strategies, or managing the entire organization. Consider investing in a social media firm that knows when and how to use customer complaints as a catalyst for increasing profits and creating brand fans.

Start spinning dirt into dollars. Contact the experienced web presence team at Social Strategy1 for a free, no-risk consultation.

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