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Use LinkedIn To Teach And Not Sell

March 18, 2014 | By | No Comments

Social Media for Law Firms

Ok so your law firm has a LinkedIn. Awesome! Now what? You can’t just check off the box; the page you launched needs to be your jumping off point to generate leads and inbound web traffic.

LinkedIn can be a major sales lead driver for law practices. LinkedIn drives 64% of web traffic to corporate website and there are over 3 million companies have registered. If you are in B2B marketing, chances are, your target audience is using LinkedIn daily.

We organized a few quick tips and some efficient tools for law practice marketers to target the business leaders on LinkedIn.

Company Pages

LinkedIn company pages help raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities, and educate potential clients on your services.

1. Fill it out & keep it up to date
LinkedIn has spent a lot of time and resources to give your company a great way to showcase your people, services, news, and client recommendations. Take advantage of it.

2. Be impressive
You wouldn’t send an intern to client board meeting, so get management to buy in on the content and information you feature

Updates & Group Discussions

Use LinkedIn to teach and not to sell. You can post updates through your company pages and start discussions in industry groups. It’s well published that helpful lists, career opportunities, professional resources and industry news go further on LinkedIn than any sales pitch.

1. End the cold call
InsideView reports that 90% of CEO’s do not return cold emails or calls. In LinkedIn groups, sales slicks or promotional content get the same attention. Save your capability slides and elevator pitches for sales meetings.

2. What’s your context?
Business leaders operate at 30,000 ft. and they need to understand how your expertise is relevant to their business or industry. You may be the expert but if you can’t explain it in layman terms, forgettaboutit. Try to write compelling updates.

Promote your updates

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates provide a native solution for rapidly increasing awareness and shaping the perception of your brand, products, and services.

Through sponsored updates, you can target select LinkedIn members with your useful information. This can promote relevant content like articles, blog posts, video or presentations. Here’s an example of a Sponsored Update:


LinkedIn created a self-service advertising platform that allows any business to promote their content to their target audience. After you have published a company update, go ahead and test a $50 campaign to reach your target audience.

Social Media for Law Firms Guidebook

75% of B2B decision makers use social media to learn

To engage decision makers, law firm marketers need to plan for social to become a peer-to-peer discussion. Sharing industry expertise and relevant news will draw more attention and engagement than an immediate pitch.

A company blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share your industry expertise and relevant news to target business executives will draw web traffic, increase SEO and build awareness of your capabilities.

We organized this guide we share ways you can drive decision makers to take action and engage your firm.

The guide includes 15 slides of step by step tools for Social Media Listening, Content Strategy, Distribution Funnels and Social Media Management.

Get it now   Download your full version of the guidebook

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