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29 Sep


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Unleash the Power of Your Company’s Greatest Asset – Your Employees!

September 29, 2011 | By | No Comments

Working for the man,” a phrase often used when describing a dead end or tiring job that has no real intrinsic value other than the paycheck.  In today’s rough economic times employees can start to feel this way when resources are scarce and employees are pushed to their productive limits.

With social media and social media marketing strategies, there is a solution to this dead end feeling that can help both the employee and promote your company or brand.  Employees need an outlet, something that will make them feel good about what they do for a living and provide recognition.  One solution is to empower your employees to blog.  Unleash the vast power of embedded knowledge in your company by creating content utilizing the talents of the people that represent your company or brand best.

While there are millions of blogs out there, still the simple fact is most people have never blogged or may be gun shy about getting started.  So, take the mystery out of it.  Have our marketing department or external social media partner explain how easy it is to get started.  Your employees should be encouraged to write about what they know even if it is just a word doc in bullet form. The marketing department or social media partner can sharpen the output and optimize the post so the content is more readily found.

When encouraging employees to blog remember to point out that their posts do no need to be long (250 to 500 words is generally plenty).  Readers tend to tune out blogs that are too long.  Make it fun and in their own voice.  Don’t let the editors take out the writers voice when optimizing the post.  And finally, do not require that they churn out a post per week or then it just becomes another task that they “don’t have time for”.

The power of original content paired together with unleashing the imbedded knowledge base of your employees will have mutual and long lasting benefits; happy employees and better, original content for marketing your brand and company!

Dennis Stoutenburgh is President & COO of Social Strategy1.  He contributes blog posts weekly and can be found on Twitter @DennisSS1.

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