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26 Apr


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Twitter Tune-up – Bonus Quick Tips

April 26, 2011 | By | No Comments

Long weekend? If so, chances are you’ve got catching up to do. Here’s a quick review of two Twitter tips from social media, search, and viral marketing scientist Dan Zarrella. They’re super simple—so you can get back to those emails that piled up over the holiday.

  • Show yourself – Dan’s research shows that accounts featuring the basic info Twitter asks for during account registration (bio, homepage link, and photo) garner many more followers than accounts missing that info.
  • Style yourself as an authority – Who says it doesn’t pay to toot your own horn? His research reveals that Twitter users who identify themselves with an authoritative title have more followers than average. For example, Dan’s list showed more followers for users with titles such as “official,” “founder,” and “expert.”

Will any single quick tip launch your account into the upper Twittersphere? Probably not. But by regularly taking a few moments to tweak your account you give your personal and corporate brand a better chance for social media success.

If you missed the first set of Twitter success tips, check out Twitter Tune-up – Quick Tips.

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