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22 Jul


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Twitter Trolls – What Kind Make You Cringe?

July 22, 2011 | By | No Comments

Using Twitter to connect with colleagues and engage clients? Then you know that like any other landscape this social network is inhabited by strange creatures. Twist Image President Mitch Joel recently shared his field guide to one of those creatures: Twitter trolls. You should check out his full post to learn about all 6 varieties, but here are two of my favorites:

  • “The Calling You Out Troll.” Mitch writes that this social network user is fluent in snide remarks, typically made when someone shares even the “hint of a self-promotional tweet…”
  • “The Link Jumping Troll.” This is the person who blindly retweets your content in the hopes they’ll get your attention. As Mitch notes, if you tweet the link to a blog and it’s retweeted within seconds, chances are that person didn’t so much as read it. It could have been written in Pig Latin and they wouldn’t know.

Here’s another social network troll we’ve all been subjected to: the Shameless Promoter. Yes, Twitter is a tool for business so there is an element of self promotion. But this species is known for sharing just how awesome they are—24/7! When I read these tweets I’m reminded of the snake oil salesman who had nothing of value to sell, but plenty to say. Perhaps we should try to get the Shameless Promoters together with the Calling You Out trolls!

What kind of Twitter trolls make you cringe?

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