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19 May


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Twitter Lawsuit Reminder to Implement Social Media Policy

May 19, 2011 | By | No Comments

Need one more reason to implement or update a corporate social media policy? One word: lawsuit. When teen Adorian Deck started tweeting celebrity gossip and trivia, he quickly attracted more than 300,000 followers to his Twitter handle @OMGFacts. Now, he’s suing a business partner who had promised to build the brand, alleging he was duped into signing over his rights to OMG Facts, according to an ABC News report.

Most of us aren’t going to find ourselves in this particular situation, but the case does serve as a reminder that laws regarding Twitter and other social media are still evolving. Santa Clara Law School professor Eric Goldman, who was interviewed for the ABC News piece, said, “We’ve had 600 years to develop the rules on books. We’ve had less than five years to develop how those rules apply to tweets.”

Be proactive when it comes to protecting your brand against costly court wrangling. Implement or update social media policy to reflect relevant issues. For example, if you’re in financial services or health care, outline how tweeting employees can stay in compliance with government regulations.

To learn more about how to reconcile social media and corporate compliance, check out our webinar Corporate Policies in Social Media with Social Strategy1 president Steve Ennen and Burr & Forman partner Ed Brown.

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