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25 May


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Twitter – Cure for the Common Cold Call

May 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

The cold call is a tactic even die-hard sales pros don’t always enjoy. Yet it’s a technique that may not be necessary for a company with a social media plan. Casey Hibbard shares the story of startup company, which she styles as an updated cash-for-cans program. The site connects people who have recyclable items, like wine bottles or paper grocery bags, to others who are interested in using them.

Entrepreneurs Timothy Laurent and Craig Robertson tapped into social media sites to quickly build a list of discarders and collectors. Hibbard writes that they used Twitter to open doors by starting and joining conversations. For instance, they answer recycling-related questions from the Twitterverse, such as “How do you recycle beer bottles when they have a lime in them?” Laurent and Robertson estimate they earn one new meeting each week with this tactic. engages the prospect when and where he or she wants to be engaged. It’s non-invasive, non-pushy, and a savvy way to connect with busy people.

To read more about’s other social media tactics, check out Casey’s full post on Social Media Examiner.

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