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24 Mar


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Twitter Chatter Changes Game for Brands

March 24, 2011 | By | No Comments

If you’ve ever known a 5-year-old, you know that kids at this age often operate—mind and body—at near-warp speed. It turns out our favorite digital 5-year-old, Twitter, isn’t much different. CNN’s Doug Gross reflected on the 5 Ways Twitter Changed How We Communicate. The first reason? He writes it “made the fast flow of information faster.” He goes on to describe Twitter as “fast on steroids.”

There’s simply no better case for businesses to incorporate social media monitoring into their marketing or PR plans. Some might argue that listening to Twitter (or other social media platforms) is only for companies knee-deep in the business of being social—the big brands with fleshed out strategies to guide them and entire teams devoted to managing online engagement.

But I don’t agree. Regardless of the size of the organization and regardless of how developed a social media strategy might (or might not) be, the fact is that it takes only one wittily-worded tweet to get people talking about a brand.

What words of wisdom would you share with companies who haven’t started listening to the chatter yet?

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