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04 May


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Torpedos Against Tornados #Winning

May 4, 2011 | By | No Comments

Last week’s storms caused enormous carnage and destruction to many towns in the south, especially in Alabama and Mississippi. So many areas were hit hard but Tuscaloosa, Alabama home to the University of Alabama saw a mile wide category EF4 (around 190 mph winds) tornado level neighborhoods, businesses, and entire street blocks.

It was hard to grasp the extent of the damage without watching the news, online videos, looking at pictures, and talking to my sister (a sophomore at the University of Alabama) who sat through the tornado, to get the full scope of what happened.  Being an avid SEC football fan I have been to TTOWN (Tuscaloosa) several times and can’t imagine what it felt like watching or hearing this massive twister tearing up everything in its path.

When thinking of people most likely to help this area in their relief efforts, one would not expect Sir #tigerblood himself, Charlie Sheen to take the lead on an urgent “Recon” mission to Alabama.  After receiving a tweet from UA student David Harris while on a national speaking tour, Sheen took a day and a half off to raise awareness (plan a fundraiser) and see for himself the problems the people of Tuscaloosa are facing.

“When people like Charlie come to town, it brings us additional resources that we desperately need …I’ve got a feeling that Mr. Sheen can raise a lot of money for us,” said Mayor Walt Maddox after meeting with Sheen and crew.  Sheen has an enormous reach on Twitter (holds a Guinness World Record on the social network) with his 3.7 million + followers and has been all over the news recently with his CBS firing and “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” tour.  He has been donating a dollar from each ticket sold on his tour to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund, so I’m not sure why people are questioning his intentions regarding charitable causes this time.

Some are skeptical about Sheen’s sincerity but he claims, “We’re formulating a plan to come back here and make a significant difference … I’m here. It’s time to go to work.”  Sheen has since set up, a website where people can go and donate via PayPal to a relief fund for Alabama tornado victims.  He is also planning a fundraiser show in the near future with celebrity guests that they hope will be held at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater.

I think he sincerely wants to help but it’s hard for the media and most Americans to take him seriously after his recent erratic activities. will send you a @CharlieSheen autographed baseball if you donate more than $100. Another easy way to donate is by texting “REDCROSS” to “90999” for a $10 gift that is charged to your cellular bill.

This cause is close to my heart and if anyone wants to post in the comments area any information regarding donations and how people outside of Alabama can help, please do it! The more we can help the better!

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