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02 Sep


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Tips – Taming the Angry Facebook Fan

September 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

How do you handle an angry customer posting on your Facebook page? ShortStack CEO Jim Belosic, on Social Media Examiner, shares tips for dealing with complaints posted on the social network. Here’s a recap of two of them:

  1. Respond quickly and courteously. Customers who take the time to share a comment should not hear crickets in return. Not only will it tick off the customer even more, it sends the message to other community members that customer service isn’t a priority for your brand.

It’s also important to be professional. Remember, other brand fans will be watching how you react, so don’t type anything you wouldn’t repeat in front of your grandma, mom, or minister.

  1. Take the conversation off social. Send a private message that says you’re sorry the customer wasn’t happy with their experience or product, and then take action. Offer expedited delivery of a replacement, a discount on the next purchase, or whatever action makes sense for the situation. As Jim writes, this allows you to provide a personal touch “that signals you care,” which might go far in calming down the customer who’s all bluster in a public forum like Facebook. 

What tips can you share for handling negative social media feedback?

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