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06 Jul


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Tips for Stellar Social Media Cust. Service

July 6, 2011 | By | No Comments

Customer satisfaction has been the “Holy Grail for retailers,” writes LiveChat CEO Mariusz Cieply in a recent Mashable piece. He’s right. And with the rise of social media engagement, it’s become the Holy Grail for any business, from legal firms to Internet service providers.  Mariusz shares tactics for direct engagement of online customers.

One of his tips is, to paraphrase, know thy stuff. We’ve all had that in-store experience where the salesperson didn’t know up from down. And we all know how frustrating that is. Those same challenges happen online and that “interaction often shapes the quality of the entire shopping experience.” Mariusz suggests ensuring that every service representative is current on the latest products and services.

But it can be tricky for businesses with limited resources to park a resident expert in front of the social media dashboard 24/7, so I’ll suggest one alternative. At the bare minimum, you should empower social media and other online reps to quickly help customers find the answers they seek. Some ideas:

  • Develop a flow chart that helps a social media rep determine who to contact when faced with a question he or she can’t answer.
  • Create a system that applies an “elevated” status to requests that must be addressed immediately (which is very important for real-time channels, like Twitter).
  • Implement a process ensuring the customer’s request is followed through and doesn’t languish in the depths of customer support bureaucracy.

For more tips on delivering the stellar customer service that garners rave reviews and gets customers talking online and off, see Mariusz’s full post on Mashable.

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