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08 Apr


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Tips for Social Media First-Timers

April 8, 2011 | By | One Comment

Overwhelming. That’s one word business owners or managers might use to describe the mere thought of jumping into social media for business. There are a million little details: What’s the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Page? Do we really need a YouTube channel? There’s also the Big What-If: What if I screw up this social media stuff?

Research shows that 31% of small firms use social media. If you are (or know someone) in the other 69%, Anne Field, in a post on OPEN Forum, provides practical advice in How to Launch Your First Social Media Campaign. She asked three experts to share tips for social media first-timers. For example, Wendy King, President of 23 Kazoos, says it’s critical for first-timers to understand which channels are appropriate for their target audience.

How do companies know if they should be on Facebook or Twitter or both? Because, as Wendy suggests, Twitter may not be the best choice if your market is baby boomers.

That’s precisely why social media monitoring can be an important tool in the ramp-up to a social media presence. Listening technology pinpoints where a target audience is talking, posting, and reviewing, and that knowledge gives companies a better opportunity to engage them.

Do you have advice to share with businesses jumping into social media for the first time?


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