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30 Mar


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Tips for Becoming the Social Media “Cinderella Story”

March 30, 2011 | By | No Comments

“Be the ball.” Caddyshack fans will recognize this quote (one of only a few from that flick fit to post on a corporate blog). It comes from a scene in which Chevy Chase’s character uses a golf analogy to give life advice to his young caddy. I was reminded of it while reading a recent post by Chris Brogan. He writes that as marketers we know what we want the buyer to do, but successful marketing in social media requires that we “become the buyer.” He distills the process of inhabiting the buyer’s mindset into a set of simple questions to ask ourselves, including “What do you need solved?” and “Who are you?”

Chris recommends using this process to regularly review everything sent out or presented to a buyer. It’s great advice—especially considering that as marketers we sometimes get so wrapped up in the brand that we forget to see things from the consumers’ perspectives.

Another way to get insight into what buyers and other stakeholders are thinking is by tapping into social intelligence. Using a combination of listening technology and human analysis, brands gain access to exactly what the social media and online worlds are saying—or not saying. At Social Strategy1, our goal is to help brands do exactly that.

Want to become a “Cinderella story”? Start stepping into the buyers’ shoes and listening to their voices.

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