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27 Jun


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The Yin/Yang of Social Media for PR

June 27, 2011 | By | No Comments

Public relations pros are getting to know social. From utilizing social media monitoring to managing Twitter accounts, social media strategy is becoming a must-have part of interacting with stakeholders. One way to maximize the reach and effect of public relations social media strategy is through SEO. Online marketing go-to guy Lee Odden recently shared tactics for using social SEO in public relations.

I found one his points especially relevant: Optimization and social media have, in Lee’s words, a yin/yang relationship. To be successful, they must work together. As I see it, social media monitoring helps PR pros determine what stakeholders are buzzing about online. Those online conversations can be distilled into keywords, which can be incorporated into blogs, tweets, video tags, etc. to pull audiences into the client’s or brand’s social media conversations. And those social media interactions give insight into other topics stakeholders are interested in, generating additional relevant keywords and so on. Do you pair SEO strategy with social media strategy?

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