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17 Sep


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The Upside of Outsourcing Social Media for PR Firms

September 17, 2010 | By | No Comments

The Upside of Outsourcing Social Media for PR Firms

As a PR professional, your job is to make a brand look better, whether it’s a long-trusted consumer product or the latest celebrity who’s been behaving badly. Social media is becoming an increasingly must-have part of any strategy to shape perceptions about clients. But it can be a challenge to assemble an in-house social media team, from finding the perfect candidates to paying the extra overhead.

So what’s a PR firm to do? It’s time to consider how an outsourced social media firm will help you harness the power of these channels to build your clients’ brands.

Access instant expertise.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Social media business analysts know their Tweets from their Diggs and their sentiment from their eyeballs. With an experienced online listening and social media strategy team, your learning curve becomes much shorter—and that means your clients benefit from responsive service.

Identify the buzz (or lack of!)

Sure, your in-house staff could use newsfeeds to find client-related stories, but they could be missing out on a world wide web full of information. Social media is everywhere. Users might be discussing your client on a parenting bulletin board or leaving detailed information on a review site like Angie’s list.

You can go even deeper into the buzz by incorporating sentiment analysis, which gets to the heart of what people are saying about your client’s brand. Love it? Hate it? Who cares? An experienced social media firm offers the best-in-class tools you need for online reputation analysis and management.

See the forest.

When a new in-house staff is taking baby steps into social media tools and culture, it can be hard to see the big picture. A social media pro will aggregate and analyze data, but he or she will also help you fit that information into your larger brand strategy. The result is a holistic analysis that helps you serve your clients more effectively.

Every day clients outsource their public relations needs to you because they know you have the expertise and resources to make them look better. Maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing social media monitoring and online engagement to a team with the expertise and resources to make you look better to your clients. Contact the social media business analysts at Social Strategy1 to learn how they can become a smart addition to your team.

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