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13 May


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The Top Corporate Tweeters Are…

May 13, 2011 | By | No Comments

Who are the top corporate tweeters, bloggers, and posters? Tara Moore on CNN Money shares the leading social media-using companies. Here’s an overview of the top five:

  1. Google: The search company is more than 3 million Twitter followers strong. Tara writes that like their search engine strategy, Google’s social strategy is seemingly to “attract a critical mass of users and engage them by any means possible.”
  2. Whole Foods: At the forefront of social media engagement, the grocer has 1.9 million followers. Through a mix of corporate and local store accounts on Twitter and Facebook, Whole Foods facilitates online interaction between shoppers and grocers.
  3. Dell: 1.5 million followers. 25,000 conversations a day (in 11 languages, no less). 1,000 certified tweeters, bloggers, and posters. Wow.
  4. Southwest Air:  With 1.1 million followers, 1 million-plus Facebook fans, and cheeky promotions, this airline is at the top of the social media field. Tara writes that fans and followers become “field reporters who submit feedback on travel experiences, weather conditions, and other real-time information.”
  5. Coca Cola: They’ve garnered more than 254,000 followers and an astounding 25 million Facebook fans. Their Facebook page is actually operated by Coca Cola fans, without corporate interference.

 Read Tara’s article for the remaining cream of the social media crop.

 These might be the top corporate tweeters, but who are your favorite corporate tweeters (whether they made this list or not)?

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