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02 May


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The Rise of Niche Social Networks?

May 2, 2011 | By | One Comment

More than 500 million users on Facebook. About 200 million Twitter accounts. 100 million-plus professionals on LinkedIn. In the social sphere, we spend quite a bit of time discussing how to market and engage on the social network giants. But there’s another kind of community that might become an integral part of social media strategy for many brands: the vertically-specific social network.

Social Media Handyman and author of The Digital Handshake Paul Chaney writes that these niche sites, like SocialMoms, Social Media Today, and Social Strategy1 partner OfficeArrow, could begin to play a role in the future of social. Why? He writes about the difference between the big sites and niche networks: “You might compare it to having a fast food meal in a mall food court surrounded by lots of people you don’t know to having a cozy dinner at home with friends.” Paul thinks social niche communities allow for connection in a more binding and relevant way.

Do you think niche social networks, like OfficeArrow, have an advantage over social networks with broader audiences?


  1. Ilona

    Great post, Amy. There’s definitely a place for niche networks particularly in B2B, but it’s critical that there’s an existing community behind it to help it grow. It’s equally important that the niche network has the potential to expand beyond it’s current feature set, based on the needs of the users.

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