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25 Mar


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The Power and Humor of Video

March 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

Video is now everywhere and there is no escaping it.  We look to YouTube for humor, inspiration, and just to pass time. In this super technology savvy age it has become evident that if you do something amazing or idiotic you will be caught on film.  Camera phones with built in video have made it so easy to capture moments on film that may never have be seen.  Natural disasters, freak accidents, and pure stupidity are all caught on film and shared online immediately.

This video really doesn’t help the image of the slicked back guy driving the Mercedes convertible, but boy did he learn a lesson: Respect your elders.

I am very surprised more people have not seen this video.

As next year’s NFL season becomes more of an afterthought, the players are going to need work and it will be interesting to see what kind of work they find. I sure hope there will be some Terry Tate Office Linebackers roaming the halls.

In all seriousness Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson of the Bengals is trying out for the Major League Soccer team Sporting Kansas City. All parties included claim it’s not a publicity stunt, but come on the story is everywhere. Former NFLer Mark Schlereth had this to say on Twitter:

Image Courtesy of USA Today

@markschlereth: Go @ochocinco!!! If you make it I’m becoming a soccer fan!

He may not grow the game over here but if he makes the team close friends and great footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka have promised to come see him play.

When I explore web videos I always get caught up watching videos of people falling or failing. As we leave March, I can appreciate some April fools. As always remember to laugh and enjoy your weekend!

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