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23 Aug


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The NFL Gets Social

August 23, 2011 | By | No Comments

I remember the first time I wrote about social media and football last year. The headline on Yahoo Sports read, “Social media attack dooms Cutler.” Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler learned quickly how a Twitter backlash can happen in an instant. It’s the first time the NFL felt the power of social media.

Now the NFL is completely immersed in social media and the players are taking full advantage of this new era. Jennifer Van Grove on Mashable gives us some recent news on the NFL and how they are looking to grow their use of social media. She reports that it’s been heard that the NFL recently signed an agreement with Buddy Media so that all 32 teams have access to tools that will help with their Facebook campaigns.

 “Now social media is front and center for all 32 teams, and the league,” says Joel Price, manager of Internet services for the San Diego Chargers.

At some point players were discouraged from using social media and now instead policies have changed. Most players have Twitter accounts for personal branding. “Social media has taken the place of autographs,” says former defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans John Thornton. “Before, you wanted players’ autographs, now you want to say something back to you on Twitter.”

How many players are you following on Twitter? Have you collected any tweets from them?

Read the entire post from Jennifer on Mashable.

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