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The New Way to Find a Job

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How did you get the job you have? How did you go about finding a job about 10 years ago? If you’re like me, you worked on your resume, put together a couple of cover letters to tailor, and then you started looking for job postings online and submitting applications, right? Well just as technology has changed how we communicate with our loved ones (sometimes in the same house), buy our music, and vote for our favorite American Idol, the job search is different now too.

If you’re one of the 26 million Americans that are unemployed you should rethink what used to be the typical approach to finding a job. Social platforms have made the world smaller and therefore more personal. What used to be a random name on an application can now be Googled, checked for LinkedIn connections, and viewed as good, bad or crazy based on the Tweets associated to that perspective employee. Not only should people be thinking about the digital print they leave online for all to see but use it to market themselves and make professional connections.

Look for people instead of jobs

Many jobs aren’t even listed online. Studies have shown that 60-80% of jobs are found through networking. So instead of searching on job boards for what is available, pick and choose the company you’d like to work for based on the people and work environment.

  1. Start by picking the top 5 companies you’d like to work for.
  2. Identify the people you’d like to connect with so that you can focus your approach and not just send your info to HR. Search on blogging sites like Technorati to find someone who works at one of those companies. You can search on Facebook for company pages or on LinkedIn. Once you’ve identified several employees, Google them to find more information about them and perhaps connect via a shared interest or common colleague.
  3. Use social media to connect. I’ve heard that sending someone a FB request or DM via Twitter is like tapping someone on the shoulder at a networking event. It’s totally acceptable now to introduce yourself via social media. Especially once you’ve done your research and are approaching someone with a tailored message about the work you’re doing that may be of interest to them.
  4. Use Google Alerts to stay informed about the people you’ve connected with. You can set up a Google alert for a few people or the companies you’re interested in. Social media monitoring is now being used to monitor what’s being said about a company but can also be used to stay informed about what’s being said about your own perosnal brand or potentional employers.

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