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20 Sep


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The Future of Mobile Payments is Here

September 20, 2011 | By | No Comments

Or at least some of it is.

If you have the Nexus S 4g from Sprint and you have a Citi-MasterCard, you use Google’s newest app, Google Wallet. On Monday Google rolled its new mobile payment app that will allow users to tap and swipe to make purchases without pulling out a credit card. In it’s first phase, it will only work in conjuction with a Citi-MasterCard or you can add money to a Google Prepaid Card from any of your exisiting credit cards.

Although there is a lot of excitement about the product launch there is of course some skepticism that comes along with new technology. The biggest risk right now has to do with the 4-digit PIN that needs to be entered when using the app to make a purchase. Do you know how long it would take a hacker to crack a 4-digit PIN? A couple of hours, maybe a day? Sara Yin of tells us that by using a brute-force attack and going through different permutations it would only take 18 minutes. However, to crack a 6-digit alphanumeric PIN it would take 8 years. Makes me wonder why Google would choose the  higher risk PIN option and leave our credit cards so vulnerable.

ILD Teleservices provides a similar bill to phone offering to merchants selling digital content both to the traditional landline and a mobile phone service payments.  ILD Teleservices’ shares more on mobile payment options here.

Do you think it’s risking to have your credit card information on a mobile app?

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