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30 Jun


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The Blog – A Reputation Rescue Tool

June 30, 2011 | By | No Comments

Why blog? Establish thought leadership? Share news relevant to your industry? Engage consumers? Yeah, yeah, you know all those reasons. But there’s another essential reason to blog that sometimes gets lost in the “connect and engage” shuffle: Blogs boost search engine results.

A regularly published blog provides content for search engines to crawl. The more relevant content you produce, the more search engine results are generated. And if you use social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter, to promote blog entries, then you take advantage of search engines’ increasing emphasis on placing social content prominently in results.

But wait—there’s more! Publishing a company blog populates the web with positive content about your brand and the people behind it. This helps push negative content, like an unflattering product review or comment, lower in search results. Customers searching for your brand will be more likely to see a company blog entry than a nasty complaint.

Are blogs the easy answer to every online reputation problem? No. But they are a smart and inexpensive way to craft a proactive online campaign that puts your brand in a positive light.

For more tips on how to manage your online reputation with SEO strategy, read Sarah Kessler on Mashable.

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